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Auto Injury Lawyer in Brooklyn, NY

Get compensation for your car accident injury

Brooklyn and its neighboring New York City boroughs are known for their hustle and bustle. Cars are flying by, trying to get to and from work. One day, you are being the cautious one and someone else neglects to pay attention to you. It can lead to an unfortunate car accident, one that could involve serious injury.If this sounds like what has happened to you, you need an experienced car accident lawyer in Brooklyn, NY. You could get compensation for their negligent act.
Whether you need a lawyer to fight for a larger settlement from their insurance company, or if you need a lawyer to represent you during a lawsuit, Mr. Ozeri is experienced with every step of the auto accident injury process.Don’t let the medical bills pile up because of something that was not your fault. Let the Law Offices of Mitchell M. Ozeri represent you in whatever way you need.
Call (718) 859-4686 right away if you have been injured due to an auto accident involving any other vehicle, from a small car to a taxi cab. We’ll fight for you until you the settlement you deserve.