Personal Injury Lawyer in Brooklyn, NY

Serious Injury, Serious Compensation

We handle any type of personal injury case Have you been seriously injured on the job or in the streets of New York City?
You shouldn’t have to deal with an injury that occurred due to someone else’s negligence. Dealing with the injury is tough enough. Add medical bills you can’t afford into the mix and you have a recipe for financial disaster. You should not have to carry that burden.
If you have been injured, call the Law Offices of Mitchell M. Ozeri. Mr. Ozeri has been practicing law for over 25 years, and has recovered millions in settlements for his clients.
Call (718) 859-4686 immediately if you have been injured through any of the following:

  • Car accident
  • Pedestrian knockdown
  • Construction accident
  • Animal bite
  • Slip and fall accident